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I'm so happy to be home. Tuesday night when I was getting ready for bed I realized how much pain I was in. That's not too unusual because I have firomyalgia. But, this was different. My left arm, the one I have lymphedema in since my mastectomy in 1997 was painful and hot. But, when I put on my compression garments I didn't notice any redness so I thought perhaps it's the impending hurricane. I didn't get to sleep all night because of the pain, the throbbing and the heat in my arm. Of course, I began to susspect what really was the matter. When wackdaddy got up in the morning, I still hadn't been to sleep. I tossed and turned ten times worse than normal. I told him what was wrong and that I would probably take myself to the ER after I got some sleep. No way could I sleep, so I took a quick shower, got dressed and drove myself there. I called my daughter so she wouldn't look for me, and I called my husband and "cried" that I wanted him to meet me there.I've had lymphedema for thirteen years yet this is the first time I ever got an infection.

I got taken into triage right away. There was noone else there. They gave me something for the pain, took a look at my arm, which was bright red and of course we knew that it was cellulitis. I had no idea how that developed. No bites, no scrapes, no manicures.......why did it happen without an obvious reason. They admitted me so that I could get intravenous antibotics and pain meds...........the usual treatment. Have any of you had experience in this area? And, what did you do?
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