marsidotes (marsidotes) wrote in breastcancer,

Phantom itching.....

Have any of you "suffered" from constant itching where once there was a breast. For the past 39 hours, I've been itching inside my boob that's no longer there as well as on my belly where they did the tram flap surgery. All those nerve endings are having a freeforall and it's' driving me nuts. I'm about to take two benadryl and go to bed, hopfully to get some sleep, the sleep I didn't get last night. I've scratched myself raw...and that hurts too.
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How long ago was your surgery? The itching sensation is usually a sign of healing.
Actually, my surgery was many years ago. In the beginning, I had this problem quite often, but it's been a long time since the last incident. Thank God, because it is exhausting.
I used to get an itchy feeling in what felt like the area between the implant and... my rib cage? It drove me batty. Sorry it came back for you... it sucks.
I am so sore this morning from the pressing, pounding and rubbing that I've been doing for the past 51 hours. I must admit that at the moment it's calmed down a bit. Every once in a while I can feel it, but it's not constant at the moment. I finally had to take a second melatonin to get some sleep. When I took the two benadryl I thought for sure it would knock me such luck. Wish I could find out what causes this.
Yep, I have phantom itching too and my surgery was 3 years ago - I had implant only recons so no tissue flaps and can feel the itching as if it was inside the implant. It drives me potty because I know there's nothing there to itch!

The only thing I can think of is it's a referred itch from somewhere else - I tend to notice it more if I'm tired or I've been carrying heavy things. I know there are meds you can get on prescription that switch off the messages that nerves send to the brain - can't remember what they're called but I was offered them although I decided not to take them in the end.
Well, today things have finally quieted down. Fifty-eight hours of mind tormenting itching. I was so close to taking myself to the ER on Saturday night/Sunday morning when I was still awake at 4 a.m. Hope this doesn't happen again any time soon.....for either one of us. Thanks for commenting, there's nothing worse than feeling so alone.
I always feel like I have nipple itching...and I don't even have nipples yet! Ugh, glad you're feeling better. :)
I wanted to address your comment. I gather you had a double mastectomy? Was that preventive or did you get cancer? My daughter recently went for the "BRC" gene test and thankfully it came back negative. I applaud you either way and I certainly was proud of my daughter for having the courage to "go looking for trouble".
Actually, I had a single mastectomy at first. That breast had stage 3 cancer, they removed the breast and lymph nodes. I have no family history and the gene test was negative. When I went back for reconstruction, I opted to have the other, healthy breast removed. For me it was mainly for convenience, I'd have better symmetry and wouldn't have to have mammograms on it for the rest of my life (I'm only 29!). There's not much of a medical reason for me to have had that one removed, as the risk of future cancer would be a recurrence, not a new breast cancer. :)
i call them my 'flea spots' cause i scratch them mercilessly, like a dog, when they get started.

it isn't all the time, but when they start, they are pretty crazy. benadryl does help.