ozzygoddess (ozzygoddess) wrote in breastcancer,

I am most scared and need some words of encouragement.

Finished chemo in September, and started Tamoxifen at that time. AC pushed me into menopause.

About 1 month ago, I had some spotting, and I told my oncologist, who is having me checked for the dreaded uterine cancer. The test is scheduled for next week.

Much to my relief, exactly 28 days later on the dot, I had what seemed to be a normal period. No guarantees, but it made me feel a lot better. Except now I've been bleeding for 7 days. Never bled that long before!

Did anyone have symptoms like this? Or at least think I have some hope of not having a tumor?

Trying not to worry about it . . . even if I have more cancer, it's been caught early, and it's just more chemo, right?

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